Why Scholarships Matter?

Many people view scholarships as the battles, and subsequently need to undergo competitive challenge events in life. Some counted them as new experiences, yet a great many believe that scholarship would change their lives forever. As a principle notion, a scholarship is not your right; it’s rather the opportunities given to see if you’re deemed worthy. It is true that winning a scholarship does put on new color one who wish to make a different in life.

Where to Go?
Through all the recent years, I have searched and collected information from various sources and people regarding the scholarship opportunities for higher degree. If you wish to look for scholarships for Bachelor or Master, I suggest you to be mindful for the following sites:
  1. World Bank scholarship, JP/USA
  2. University of Bedfordshire scholarships for Cambodian students, UK
  3. UN jobs, a Swiss association
  4. The Sida-AIT scholarships, Thailand
  5. New Zealand development scholarships (NZAID)
  6. NACM Scholarship in Finance
  7. Monbukagakusho, Japan
  8. JICE scholarships (JDS), Japan
  9. International scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships
  10. International scholarship information
  11. International scholarship
  12.  Humphrey fellowship, USA
  13. GRIPS, Japan
  14. Fulbright, USA
  15. Educational exchange, USA
  16. Chevening scholarships programme, UK
  17. Cambodia-Peace scholarship program, Australia
  18. Cambodian art & scholarship foundation
  19. Australian development scholarships
  20. AusAid scholarship, Australia
  21. Asian youth fellowship (AYF), Japan
  22. ASEAN scholarships, Singapore
  23. ADB scholarship, Japan
Notes: These scholarship programs come at different seasons. Be alert about their upcoming calls for competitions, and therefore prepare at your best.
Wish you the best of luck!


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