October 6, 2011

Brain as a Lazy Machine

"Teacher, what is brain?" asked a young boy while scratching his head.

The teacher paused for a couple seconds and explained "It's simply a machine."

"I don't understand", the boy continued.

"Well little one, it is in everyone's head, ...and is like a machine that works non-stop", answered the teacher.

However, many times this machine gets lazy because the machine owner doesn't use it so often.

"So, you mean our brain is lazy if I don't do anything with it?", the boy confirmed.

"That's right boy! You can become the most intelligent young boy ever, if you keep using your brain", the teacher petted on the boy's head and told him to return to his seat.

Brain-based Learning

It is a simple truth that our brain is a machine. Yet, knowing this much would not yet lead to anywhere you wish to be. I believe that knowing how to use this flimsy machine matters most. The secret of a successful learner is Brain-based learning. Actually this learning approach is defined differently according to purposes and fields. Here, Brain-Based Learning is a way to encourage learners to actively use their thinking such as defining, comparing, comprehending, collecting, evaluating, and more as the list goes on. A good learner needs to regularly assign the brain to work on something. The goal is to keep your brain active, engaging and positive. You never know and understand the full power of the brain if you just sit back and be quiet as a passive learner. Confirm this statement to yourself "I am very poor at English." After a moment of pausing, ask another question "How can I be good at English?" Do you feel the difference? To the first statement, when you cite the fact about the matter, you brain will just approve and subsequently does nothing in response. Yet, if you ask questions as if assignments, your brain will double its speed and power which sooner or later you'll have your solutions to your problems. What can we learn from this experience? Answer: Our brain is a problem-solving enterprise.

Engaging Interaction/Performance in Learning

Learning by asking many questions at any appropriate times and any places will keep your brain active and focusing. And because the brain is the subject of your body, whatever the brain believes, the body will simply follow with enthusiasm, more or less. In English there are some expressions that truly describe the true nature of the brain such as the following:

Stay active with your brain.

Tease your brain.

Be alert!

Keep watching!

Stay tune!


There are many reasons you are not supposed to miss asking questions in and off class. Asking questions attracts your teacher to involve with you on any particular problems. Your teachers grow to be more positive and finds you a serious learner, and subsequently cherish to fulfill the your desire to learn. Asking questions occupies you from negative thoughts and day dreams. It advances you with more skills such as leadership, speech, management, debate, and more…

It's fun to be active!

Expressing your thoughts and insights

Fear of expressing what you believe to be true is the number one enemy to effective learning. There was a young boy who attended a primary school in Germany. He loved asking questions, and enjoyed contributing ideas around matters of discussions. Sometimes his friends had to stop him from sharing, not because his ideas were not useful, but because they were threatened by his insights and intellect. He was Albert Einstein (A boy of many questions).

There are many discoveries today and from the past which have been rooted from stupid ideas. Who knows what you can become? Learn to share ideas and thoughts meaningfully will change your days and the more days to come. I suggest you to paint your days with comments, ideas, thoughts, insights, advise, suggestion, and other verbal and written expressions to your classmates, friends, home mates, and especially to your teachers. The world wants to hear what you think and believe!


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